What is New!!!!!

March and April were busy months our practice is maturing and we have had some great clients who are turning out to be long term.

One thing we do is to refer our clients to other holistic practitioners such as Massage Therapists and also Chiropractic when we feel there is more that can be done other than pure Acupuncture. We combine Acupuncture with Herbal Medicines and this is especially effective for pain.

We have had clients who we have felt needed a deeper medical check up with MRI or CT Scan, in 2 cases this revealed other issues the wellness exam in our clinic had pointed to and we are pleased and grateful that both those patients have been able to utilize our facility to get to the root cause and get that dealt with even though we in both those cases could not deal with it as surgery was necessary.

Acupuncture gets to the root cause of what is going on, we do not treat just the symptom, something that Western medicine tends to do. However we believe using Acupuncture can help you find the root cause of your symptoms in a non-invasive way and can be an excellent wellness tool in addition to your normal health care.

Come along and try us.

As always yours to your health

Dr Sarah