Our Approach

Who we are

Dr. Sarah Sangi graduated as an MD from Volgograd School of Medicine in 1990.

She worked in the Republic of Mongolia from 1990 to 1999 where she first undertook a course in Acupuncture and Moxibustion and then worked in the post- graduate Advanced Training Institute for Oriental Medicine as a Doctor and teacher giving Acupuncture courses to new students.

She then helped establish the Yonsei Severance Hospital in Mongolia and worked both there and the Central Hospital in Ulaanbaatar as a Pediatrician. During all this time Dr Sangi practiced both Western medicine as well as Acupuncture.

In 1997 She undertook a Master degree course in the Czech Republic and Mongolia specializing in Pediatric Nephrology.

Moving to Florida in 2011 Dr Sarah Sangi undertook a Bachelor degree in Health Sciences as well as a Master Degree in Oriental Medicine at the Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine in Gainesville, graduating in December 2015. She completed all necessary requirements for licensing and was duly licensed by the State of Florida in March 2016.

Our Story

How did East2West come about?

Sarah and her husband looked at several opportunities of buying existing clinics in South Florida and in Wyoming, however they settled on Central Florida. The name of the clinic and business was created in April 2016  and it describes the history of Sarah in that she comes from the East to the West bringing healing. This is her passion to be able to bring true healing and open the world of Traditional Chinese and Oriental Medicine to people here in Florida both treating them as well as educating them. East2West Acupuncture was born....

The people behind East2West

East2West Acupuncture is a family operated clinic


Peter Furey


Peter is British and was 35 years with the Siemens Corporation, he has vast experience of International Business having worked and lived in many countries including Switzerland, China, South Korea, East Africa, USA and the UK. His role in the Clinic is to manage the business side.

He is Sarah's Husband.


Sarah Sangi-Furey

Clinic Director and Acupuncture Physician

Sarah is Mongolian, she grew up in the USSR and Mongolia and has lived and worked in Russia, Mongolia, South Korea, Czech Republic, China and the USA. She speaks 5 languages - Russian which is her mother tongue, English, Korean, Mongolian and Czech. She has a smattering of Chinese too. Sarah has 2 Bachelor and 2 Master Degrees and in High School was a Gold Medal Winner for Academic Excellence.

What should you do?

You can come to our clinic by making an appointment by phone at 352-757-0256 or click the button to the right which will take you to our online scheduling system...