Privacy Policy

Any data and personal information given to East2West Acupuncture through this web site will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and will be covered by the HIPAA guidelines for privacy of information of the patient. No data or information will ever be shared with anyone outside of the practice unless specifically agreed to by you. However by entering the information giving us your email address when you contact us via this web site will constitute giving us permission to contact you by Email or telephone.

Financial Policy

Forms of Payment

We accept various forms of payment Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, Discover and Amex debit and Credit Cards. Checks must be made out to Fursankim Group LLC. Although we do accept cash and checks we prefer credit card or debit card payment.

Cancelling or failing to show for an appointment

If you cancel an appointment 24 hours or more before the appointment no charge will be made, if you cancel an appointment within 24 hours of the appointment a charge of $25.00 will be made. If you cancel on the day of your appointment or do not come to the appointment then a charge of $50.00 will be made.


We do not at this time provide direct billing to Insurance companies, many Insurances do cover Acupuncture but to varying degrees, we are able to provide a super bill which can be submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement.  All services are to be paid for at the time of service.

Fee Schedule

Our fees are based on fair market value of the services we provide within our region. These fees are a monetary value we attribute to the health care procedural codes we use based on the American Medical Association Current Procedural Terminology, more commonly known as CPT codes.

Acupuncture is considered therapeutic intervention that is billed in single or multiple “units” of 15 minute increments. Proper coding of treatments and related billing must reflect the “timed services” provided in order for proper billing or reimbursement from a Health Insurance company.

The fees shown below are a combination of these codes and timed services.

Initial Evaluation and Intake incl first treatment $145

Acupuncture follow up treatments $75

Facial Rejuvenation initial evaluation and intake $180

Facial Rejuvenation follow up treatments $120

Moxibustion Treatment $40

Cupping $40

Gua Sha $40

Tui Na Massage $40

Infrared Therapy $30

Magnetic Therapy with Palpitation $30

Packaged Treatments

We provide a variety of packages:

Wellness Package 1 : 11 Acupuncture treatments and initial Evaluation $610 a $895 value

Wellness Package 2 : 6 Acupuncture treatments and Initial Evaluation $385 a $520 value

Wellness Package 2A : 5 Acupuncture treatments $275 a $375 value (pre-requisite Wellness package 1 or 2)

Facial Rejuvenation Package 1: 11 Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments incl Initial Treatment $1,150 a $1,380 value

Facial Rejuvenation Package 2: 10 Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments incl initial treatment $1000 a $1200 value (Pre-requisite package 1 or Initial evaluation and Intake)

All packages require payment in advance.